Vyond Animation Script and Storyboard

Time in Development: 4 hours

My Role: Instructional Designer 

Tools Used in Development: Vyond and Google Docs

Summary: Individuals who are starting a job and will be sitting in a cubicle for the first time. The video was created to provide five tips for cubicle best practices and to guide them on their transition.

Challenge: Many people have not had a job in a cubicle before.  Many of them are unaware of some of the challenges to having an open air environment. 

Solution: This video was created to bring awareness to working in a cubicle environment.  They are given five tips to follow as they start their job.

Results: New employees felt that after watching the video they were more prepared for their work day in an open cubicle.  They were less anxious and now aware of what to expect working in this environment.

Check out the Learning Materials page to see the video.

Commercial Kitchen Training

Instructional Design Document

Time in Development: 12 hours

My Role: Instructional Designer 

Tools Used in Development: Google Docs

Summary: The purpose of this training is to improve the cleaning and sanitizing procedures by the employees of Sarah’s Elderberry and bring awareness to cross-contact and cross-contamination of food allergens while in the kitchen.